About us

International Radiation Safety Consulting, Inc (IRSC, Inc) specializes in obtaining successful device approvals for companies that manufacture and distribute products containing RAM (radioactive material) or products that emit ionizing radiation.

Whether you are in the research and development stage, manufacturing, or commercially distributing products containing radioactive sources, our radiation consultants will ensure that you are meet all industry standard, regulatory, and safety requirements.

If you are a global company, meeting the regulatory requirements of other countries can be time consuming and challenging. Let our radiation consultants take over this task as we have had experience with the regulations of over 75 different countries to date. Our radiation safety consultants are devoted to helping your company grow domestically and internationally.

Our clients understand how important it are to be in compliance with all radiation safety regulations. Therefore, our staff of highly experienced radiation consultants offer a range of services to guarantee that our clients are complying with all relevant radioactive material regulations whether they are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), one of the 39 Agreement states or the country they are working in.