As radiation safety professionals, we know how much valuable time is lost keeping track of state regulations for x-ray devices, which is why IRSC developed the

“Guidebook for U.S. Distributors of X-ray Devices”

Designed to save you time and ease the burden of keeping current with the registration and licensing standards and requirements for all fifty states as well as the FDA, the Guidebook for U.S. Distributors of x-ray Devices includes all of the information you need to comply with installation and service provider registration, temporary use, report filings, miscellaneous individual state regulatory requirements, and other related matters.

Indexed by state on a DVD, this unique package will make your job easier!

With our guidebook, you and your staff won’t have to spend time researching each state and obtaining vast amounts of information and materials.


The guidebook will provide you with useful information at your fingertips. IRSC has streamlined the process by compiling all of the necessary data and information into one convenient package.

It’s such a time saver!

“I have just reviewed your X-ray guidebook for individual state regulatory requirements and I want to comment on the content of your product. As the RSO for Medtronic Navigation, I am responsible for complying with every individual state regulation for selling, installing and repairing our O-arm fluoroscopic x-ray machine. It is very difficult to know all the regulations that may be required by every state but it’s vital to comply as restrictions on our product line could be assessed by these states.

Your reference library is very useful and the content is accurate. How do I know it’s accurate? I’ve spent over 4 years collecting state regulation data in a spreadsheet that has become too large to be efficient. Your product compiles this data in a very easy to manage and easy to use format. I highly recommend this product to other small organizations that cannot dedicate a large team to managing these regulations. I look forward to using your product and fully expect it to improve my current Radiation Regulatory program.”

Jamie Milliken – Radiation Safety Officer
Medtronic Navigation

Louisville, CO 80027

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Fields for All 50 States and US Territories:

  • Regulator contact name, phone, and email
  • Regulator Address
  • Regulator website address
  • Require State Registration of Service providers?
  • Renewal Period
  • Check Made payable to
  • Accept Credit Cards?
  • Credit card payment address
  • Reporting Period Registration of individual Technician or company?
  • Temporary Use Notification Period
  • Maximum Temporary Use Period
  • Fee for service registration
  • Notes on Additional Requirements


  • US FDA Reporting Forms
  • State Service Provider Registration Forms
  • State Temporary Use Forms
  • State Reporting Forms
  • Miscellaneous Forms

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The Guidebook for U.S. Distributors of Generally Licensed Devices – A comprehensive regulatory reference for generally licensed devices sold in the jurisdiction of the NRC, the 36 Agreement States, and additional requirements of the 14 Non-Agreement States. Includes the following:

  • * Name, Address, and Contact Information for each Agreement State Regulatory Agency and the NRC, Including Phone, E-mail, Internet Address, Contact Person.
  • * Which States are Agreements States
  • * NRC Region (If applicable)
  • * States Which Require Registration of GL Devices by the End User
  • * Which States Require a GL Registration Fee
  • * Registration Fee Amount
  • * Fee Description by Device or Facility
  • * Copies of GL End Users Regulations for Every State and NRC
  • * Which States Require Specific Licenses for Portable GL Devices
  • * Date of Last Revision to Regulations
  • * Registration Forms for End Users
  • * States Which Will Accept Electronic Quarterly Reports via e-mail (confidentiality of reports sent via e-mail is not guaranteed in all states)
  • * States Which Have Adopted 10 CFR 31.5 Registration Requirements
  • * Reciprocity Advance Notification Period
  • * Reciprocity Duration
  • * Reciprocity Application
  • * Notes on Special Circumstances for Each State.

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